Warcry Interview: Hao Han, Producer for Age of Wushu

| 14 Aug 2013 21:00
age of wushu legends of mount hua

Warcry.com: What is one way that players have used a system differently than it was designed for? Has this changed your design intent with future content?

Hao Han: Some gameplay is indeed invented by the players: such as implementing high-level flying skills into duels and combat. Since then we have spawned treasure chests atop high-up ledges and cliffs to attract heroes that are not afraid of falling to their death.

Warcry.com: I am looking forward to getting my own character into the Youyun Prefectures for a 40 on 40 battle. This fight should be intense and I can't wait to see it. As designers, you all may have a different anticipation for players. So, what is the one thing you all are looking forward for players to engage with in your new expansion?

Hao Han: And there will be blood! You'll enjoy the battleground. We wanted to introduce the icons of the Wuxia world: the legendary five masters of the first Mount Hua competition. They hold such prominent status in the Wuxia culture and community that they can be compared to the gods in Greek mythology (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades). However, they won't be appearing as legendary NPCs, instead their titles and costumes can be claimed by the top 5 players in the Mount Hua competition every month. This adds an extra layer of rivalry and heart-pounding arena action, where players themselves can realize their dream and become legends.

Age of Wushu

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