Warcry Interview: Hao Han, Producer for Age of Wushu

| 14 Aug 2013 21:00
age of wushu film

Warcry.com: Aside from your mobile content and upcoming movie, what can players expect in the future from Age of Wushu?

Hao Han: We will be improving the game in every aspect: adding new schools, countless new skills, the function to change schools, a day/night cycle as well as immersive weather system. We noticed substantial media coverage on our "Changing World" expansion that just launched in the Chinese version; expect the same content update for our NA audiences.

Warcry.com: Finally, will your mobile games be like the GameStop boxed game in that it is a single player experience or will the mobile portions of Age of Wushu be able to interact with MMO content?

Hao Han: It will be an online multiplayer game with interactive content. Stay tuned for future updates!

Age of Wushu

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