Nether Announced - a New Survival Horror MMO

| 15 Aug 2013 17:35

Nether, the newest title from Phosphor Games, combines survival horror and MMO elements into an unholy nightmare.

Phosphor Games, the developer behind survival horror iOS game The Dark Meadow just announced its newest title Nether. Slated for release on Windows PC, Nether doesn't stray too far from Phosphor's roots in survival horror, this time adding a persistent world and MMO mechanics. The game is currently in Alpha testing, with a beta planned for later this year.

Nether takes place in a post-apocalyptic urban setting. The game challenges players to simply survive, but features an overarching goal of discovering what led to the apocalypse in the first place.

"Our focus is to veer away from some of the 'traditional' survival-horror offerings in order to provide something new for the genre," said Creative Director Chip Sineni. As an MMO, Nether will be a relatively unique entry to both the survival horror and MMO genres. Not much information about the game is yet available, but you can sign up for early access here.


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