Trion Worlds Continues Downsizing, Closes UK Office

| 15 Aug 2013 18:32
defiance trion worlds layoffs

Company continues to consolidate under one roof in Redwood City, CA.

It has been a difficult year for publisher/developer Trion Worlds. First, the company's Defiance team in San Diego was hit with layoffs, then closed the studio altogether last week. Now, word has come that Trion is closing its European office, affecting about 10 people.

"As part of its recent company realignment, Trion's European publishing office based in Guildford, UK, will be closing down," Jonathan Goddard, director of communications at Trion Worlds Europe, said in a statement. "European localised versions of Trion's live and upcoming games will not be affected as all regional game development and support continues from Redwood City, CA."

That brings all the work for Trion's stable of games -- Rift, Defiance, End of Nations, and ArcheAge -- under the main roof of the company's Redwood City, CA, office. Rift went free-to-play in May to increase subscriber numbers, while Defiance hit 1 million subscribers in May. Trion recently announced that End of Nations was changing focus from an MMORTS to a MOBA.

Former CCO Scott Hartsman, who left the company earlier this year, returned as CEO earlier this month. When he first departed, he called out the AAA development of MMOs as "broken," saying that changes needed to be made in the way the genre was handled.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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