Top Five League of Legends Champions - P0rtl's Picks

| 19 Aug 2013 21:00
full metal rammus

League of Legends is filled to the brim with great champions, but everyone has a favorite.

League of Legends has reached a point where there is an overwhelming number of champion choices to pick from. With five well defined roles and 114 currently released champions, there are a lot of combinations for players to pick from. Riot Games has gone to great lengths to create a huge roster of unique and flavorful champions, each of whom can have surprising strength if used properly. A player's choice in champion and role says a lot about the type of player they are, and even a single difference in champion selection can make all the difference in the strength of a team's composition. Below I've picked out five of my favorite champions of all time, and offer some insight into why I think they're great champions in terms of power and flavor.

Vayne: Vayne is a wrecking ball monster hunter whose mobility and hard CC make her a nightmare to lane against. Though she suffers from having short range for an AD Carry, Vayne's power continues to grow throughout the game whether she gets fed or not. Regardless of her kill count, Vayne is an unstoppable force of destruction during late game and has high potential for single-handedly ending a game.

I am a big fan of Vayne not only because of her abilities (though I do love her kit), but also because of how well her abilities sync up with her characterization. As a hunter of the darkness, Vayne's ability to chase and lock down opponents makes perfect sense. Using silver crossbow bolts and stealth, Vayne makes use of the shadows that she so commonly engages with, and functions as much as an assassin as she does an ADC, which perfectly describes her both flavorwise, and in game, where she can rip apart squishy and tanky targets alike.

Rammus: Rammus is one of League of Legends' first champions, a hard and fast disrupter tank. I love playing Rammus in the jungle, where his mobility and gank potential can be used to ruinous effect. Rammus' ability to get into his enemy's face, soak up damage, and hard CC squishy or disruptive enemies makes him a problem throughout mid and late parts of the game. He is a powerful initiator, and his Defensive Ball Curl / Puncturing Taunt combination completely shuts down some champions such as Xin Zhao or Katarina. Rammus' ability to enter a fight, cause problems, and bail out as necessary make him one of my favorite champions to team fight with.

The Armordillo also makes my top five because he is a genuinely unique and innovative character for League of Legends. While some champions are clearly a take on already existing characters (I'm looking at you Ezio, uh, Talon), Rammus is a distinct and well fleshed out character all on his own. The character Rammus doesn't say much, and allows his actions on the Fields of Justice to speak for him. Plus, Rammus taunts everyone.


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