MechWarrior Online to Bring Hot Robot-on-Robot Action for Launch Event

| 19 Aug 2013 18:08
MechWarrior Online screen

If you happen to be in San Francisco on September 26, then try to grab a ticket for some heavy metal mayhem.

MechWarrior Online is approaching launch on September 17 and developer Piranha Games is planning a coming-out party for all of its metallic behemoths the following week.

The launch party will be in San Francisco on September 26, and will bring a select number of fans together to meet the developers, get a look at some of the upcoming features that are planned, and perhaps grab a few prizes along the way.

Just log in to the official site and fill out the registration form. Not everyone will get a ticket, but if you are chosen, you will be notified by email.

If you can't be there, a 12v12 tournament will be livestreamed from the event.

I've jumped into a few matches during the open beta, and the game definitely has the feel of the old MechWarrior games. My favorites were MW4, as well as Mercenaries and Ghost Bear. Nothing live having jump jets and doing death from above. The crunch of enemy metal was so satisfying.

Source: Official site

MechWarrior Online

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