Luvinia Online Relaunches as Luvinia World

| 20 Aug 2013 17:10

Luvinia Online died with a whimper, and came back with a bang as Luvinia World.

Fans of Luvinia Online, rejoice. The anime-inspired MMORPG is back with new management and a new name, Luvinia World. Shanda Games and Soa Games begin an open beta of Luvinia World today at 12 EDT, and returning players will be able to port their old accounts onto the new servers.

Account retrieval will cost $25, and includes character restoration from a day before the servers went down, a faction change, an unnamed in-game item and a $30 credit in Soa coins, the game's microtransaction currency. Though premium inventory items will be gone and families have been wiped, it's still a decent deal for returning Luvinia players.

The relaunch announcement by Shanda Games and Soa Games promised plenty of goodies, including new content and "challenging events." Players can also earn special rewards by being the first to hit level 80, referring friends to the game, sharing news on social media sites, and logging in during the Expedition Blessing event.

Source: Luvinia World

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