Guild Wars 2 Sees Clockwork Invasion

| 20 Aug 2013 19:17
Guild Wars 2 Clockwork Invasion

Queen Jennah's speech gets a few uninvited guests across the realm.

Remember that special surprise that developer ArenaNet promised for Queen Jennah's Jubilee speech in Guild Wars 2? Well, as it turns out, it was more about the party crashers showing up than it was about anything she said.

The Queen's Speech update went live today and with it comes a Clockwork invasion in areas all over Tyria, led my the evil Scarlet Briar. No sooner does the queen end her address in Divinity's Reach, and mechanical mayhem will break loose.

ArenaNet has launched a guide to the invasion and what players will need to do to counter what Ms. Briar has planned. Apparently, players will have 45 minutes to complete a zone event once it starts. There will be three waves of constructs emerging from a portal. Fighting near the portal and destroying the clockworks will weaken the portal itself.

Of course, things are not always that simple. In addition to the three waves, players will need to fight two reinforcement waves from previous releases. Only then will the mastermind come forth for you to battle. Whether that is Scarlet Briar herself or one of her beefed up lackeys isn't really clear.

The guide offers other details on the invasion, including how to build a portal device to enter the final invasion instance at Crown Pavilion. Also detailed are some of the rewards and achievements that will be available.

One other major change of note: If you notice more people on your screen in crowded areas, that's because the patch finally eliminated culling from the PvE part of the game.

Culling was originally implemented in the game so ArenaNet could ensure solid performance and frame rates for new players at launch. A few months ago, it turned it off for World vs. World combat as it continued to optimize the game. Now, with the addition of some player options and additional code tweaks, it has gotten the game to a point that culling is no longer necessary.

If you want a complete list of everything included in the update, then check out the ArenaNet patch notes.

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