EverQuest Next Beta Signups Open Now!

| 20 Aug 2013 19:52
Everquest Next wallpaper art

EQ Next just unveiled its closed beta signups.

If you are like every other curious EverQuest fanatic out there, you're just itching to get into the world of EverQuest Next. Luckily, Sony Online Entertainment just opened beta registration for the game. The beta signup page explains that players can sign up now for beta access and expect more information on the program soon. Fans can also follow the game's Twitter and Facebook accounts for quicker updates.

EverQuest Next is the next installment in the insanely popular MMORPG EverQuest franchise. The servers for both EverQuest (released in 1999) and EverQuest II (2004) are still live, just to give an idea of how obsessive fans of the series are. As the game is in such early development stages, players should not expect a beta invite tomorrow, however, it's always good to get in early.

Sign up for the beta programs here.

EverQuest Next

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