League of Legends Gets Summer-tastic in Upcoming Patch

| 21 Aug 2013 15:43
Ziggs Party

LoL rolls out summer skins for champs (and maybe maps) in upcoming update.

Although many of us feel like summer is winding down, the developers behind League of Legends think it's just getting started. Last night, Riot announced that it plans to extend summer for a while by letting champion Ziggs host a pool party. Referring to the main 5v5 map as Summer-ers Rift, it's clear that Riot has big plans to make a splash with a serious summer-themed makeover. The post, which reveals a number of champs that will receive new skins in the update, does not give a date for the update other than "soon."

Two images attached to the announcement reveal new skins for Ziggs, Leona, Renekton, Lee Sin, and Graves. One image also shows a palm tree growing in the river, so don't be surprised if the Summoner's Rift map gets a summer skin of its own.

Pool Party

Source: LoL Skin Preview

League Of Legends

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