SMITE Heading to China Thanks to Tencent Holdings

| 22 Aug 2013 13:23
SMITE Chang 300

If you play a MOBA like Smite, Tencent probably partially owns it or at least publishes it in a country with more people than Europe and North America combined.

At Gamescom 2013, Tencent Holdings, partial owners of Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Epic Games, and countless other studios around the world recently announced that it would be publishing the game SMITE from Hi-Rez Corporation worldwide. In cooperation with Tencent, Hi-REZ Corporation is creating a series of gods that will represent the Chinese culture. Tencent, who is publishing a variety of MOBAs in China already, adds that they feel the game will be a success in China thanks to its unique differences from others within that game type.

Tencent Holdings went on to say that the MOBA genre grew in China by at least 70% in 2012 alone. There are over 2 Million players registered to play SMITE and with the Chinese market opening up, the Tencent owned QQ Game Portal will give SMITE access to another 461 Million active users. It currently publishes 7 online games that host over 1 Million active users. In total, Tencent owns over 65% of China's online market share. This Chinese company is quickly becoming one of the largest game companies in the world.

Hi-Rez Studios was created in 2005 and released the MMO Global Agenda followed by Tribes: Ascend. With the pending release of SMITE, Hi-Rez Studios is poised to ascend to a new level of development.


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