WildStar Makes CC an Interactive Experience

| 22 Aug 2013 14:49
wildstar combat telegraph

Ever thrown your keyboard after 12 seconds of being stunned? Now you can channel that fury into something productive.

Gamescom is currently in full swing over in Cologne, Germany, and plenty of new content is being debuted at the massive event. One of the games that has been receiving a lot of attention is Carbine's highly anticipated sci-fi MMORPG, WildStar. In addition to announcing their business model and delayed release schedule, the developers recently released their latest Dev Speak video, this time featuring Crowd Control.

The video explains that WildStar is seeking to break the mold of other MMOs, in which Crowd Control (CC) is often fun to use, but frustrating for the victim. In order to prevent the frustrated feeling of sitting there while your character gets pounded on, the developers at Carbine have made every form of CC in WildStar an interactive experience, a system they call Breakout Gameplay. When your character is disarmed, instead of their weapon magically disappearing into hammer space for six seconds, the weapon is thrown into the world, and you can run over and pick it up. If your character is disoriented, it randomly reassigns all of your movement controls for the duration of the effect, and so on.

WildStar will also feature interrupt armor, a new mechanic for boss mobs. Instead of just being immune to all forms of CC, if players work together and time their abilities well, they can lock down even the biggest and baddest monsters in WildStar.

As always, the video itself is far better than any explanation, so be sure to check it out for yourself below. If you've missed the past Dev Speak videos and want to catch up on all of the cool features coming to WildStar, check out their videos on Paths, as well as aiming and movement. On the other hand, if you're brand new to WildStar, be sure to check out my guides on the game's history and races, or classes and paths.


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