Age of Wushu Merges Servers

| 23 Aug 2013 12:00
Age of Wushu spear 300

Age of Wushu-makers Snail Games, adjust for growth by combining servers quickly so players have more to do.

Snail Games will be merging two servers, White Tiger and Black Tortoise. There will be two maintenance periods for this merger, one to prepare for the merger and one to actually perform the merger. All character data, guild data, and names will remain intact. What will not remain intact is champion status or elected positions. These will be reset and re-voted on when the new server is active. There isn't a lot of information as to why this server merger is necessary but given that the game is so new and those two servers so empty, Snail Games may have over-prepared for new players.

Age of Wushu has been slowly growing more interest as players root through troublesome localization to discover the game that lays beneath. More EVE Online than World of Warcraft, this free to play game isn't afraid to let players do just about anything they'd like to do, including castrating unsuspecting players.

Just like EVE Online, the meta-game of Age of Wushu is slowly developing around the elected positions of each of the Wuxia schools that exist within the game. At present, there are more than a few culture clashes going on within the game as players from all over the world vie for supremacy. Bots, alt armies, and racist rhetoric have accompanied this game's development since it began beta-testing in 2012.

Source: Age of Wushu Game News

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