Stunlock Studios Will be Developing Dead Island: Epidemic

| 23 Aug 2013 09:15
Dead Island Epidemic 3

Bloodline Champions developer Stunlock Studios will be developing Deep Silver's zombie MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic.

It was only a short while ago that Deep Silver announced it would be publishing a new MOBA based in the universe of Dead Island. Now, new details for Dead Island: Epidemic have been emerged, namely the name of the developer that will be making it. Stunlock Studios, which previously worked on the action title Bloodline Champions, will be heading up Epidemic's development.

Deep Silver and Stunlock have tried to emphasized that Dead Island: Epidemic won't just ape the successes of big name MOBAs like League of Legends. Rather, the new game will share more characteristics with Stunlock's Bloodline Champions, which was heavily action-based and focused on competitive multiplayer.

Dead Island: Epidemic
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For instance, in a play mode being dubbed PvPvPvE" by the game's designers, teams of four to six players will compete in a game of Capture the Flag, battling each other and the zombie hordes that fill the arena. The opposing teams will have to team up from time to time though to take on overwhelming waves of the undead and boss encounters that occasionally appear on the map.

Dead Island: Epidemic will be free-to-play. The game currently has no confirmed release date but will be launched on PCs.

Source: Polygon

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