Black Desert Unveils Housing/Mount Screens

| 26 Aug 2013 15:46

Black Desert will feature mules, horses, camels and elephant mounts along with customizable housing.

Pearl Abyss recently released a slew of new screenshots highlighting the housing and mount options for Black Desert, the studio's in-development MMORPG. The gallery featured a slew of different animals including a mule, horses, camels and a freaking elephant which, no matter how you slice it, is pretty cool. The housing images on the other hand showed off variety of indoor goods including food, furniture and a really nifty bear skin rug.

The new images also do a fair job of highlighting how gorgeous Black Desert continues to look. While things like housing and mounts are definitely on the list of promised features to get about, a part of us almost thinks we'll be happy just to look at the game when it finally releases. With informal talks already apparently in the works with Sony meanwhile, there's chance that that eventual release could see a version make its way to consoles too.

Black Desert

Source: MMO Culture

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