Trion CEO Looks at Future of Rift, Defiance, Other Titles

| 26 Aug 2013 17:13
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On the future of Rift, Defiance, End of Nations and ArcheAge ...

Now that Scott Hartsman is back in the fold of CEO of Trion Worlds, he is getting up to speed on what he missed while he was gone. In an interview with Massively and offers a sort of State of the Game look at the various titles in the company's portfolio.

Defiance: Hartsman said the game was huge and probably a bit too much so for what they needed to do. The fixed release date needed to correspond to the launch of the TV show, which was also a big factor in the problems the game has been having. He said the game is in transition at the moment as Trion shifts employees from the closed San Diego office to the main Redwood City studio, and the team has lost several team members during that time. But Hartsman feels that Defiance is still a strong game, with some exciting ideas for DLC. "It's up to us to make the game a hell of a lot better," he said.

Rift: Hartsman said the conversion of the game to a free-to-play model was what needed to happen for the game to succeed. "I would say that RIFT is the most successful F2P conversion that's ever been done because the team went deep and thoughtful about the best way to do that," he said, adding that the game is doing substantially better financially since the F2P shift.

ArcheAge: The localization of XLGames' MMO is coming along, but Trion will only launch it in the West when they feel it is ready to go. "We are ready to catch it as soon as we're both satisfied it's in the best shape that can possibly be," Hartsman said.

End of Nations: The former Petroglyph MMORTS-turned-MOBA is still going through transition and evaluation, but Hartman said the game is much more fun as it currently stands than it ever was as an MMORTS. It could be awhile before the game sees the light of day in its new form, but he said the company will release more info when it can.

Hartsman plans to address Trion fans about the company/s plans for the games in the near future.

Source: Massively

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