Xsyon Implements New Resource Patch

| 29 Aug 2013 11:51

Xsyon fans can now take advantage of new resources, a higher carrying capacity, and a greater abundance of rare materials in dangerous areas.

Xsyon recently received an update to help revitalize and rework the patterns governing the game's creature population. Now, its developers at Notorious Games have announced another patch aimed at patch that will implement new content centered around the game's resources, their collection and the ways players can use them.

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With the disruption of the planet, ancient gods awake to once again exert their powers over the earth. The lords of nature have revived the wastelands, eradicating and subverting the remnants of modern technology. Creatures of mutation and mythology now populate the land. The ways of swords and sorcery have replaced the path of science and progress.

You are a survivor. Your youth was spent lost in times of war. Your memories of the past with its machines, computers, bright lights and buildings reaching for the skies are vague and ever fading, a distant and unreal dream. You grow accustomed to ancient ways that now once again rule the world.

The new patch will implement new crafting materials for players to collect and exploit. Likewise, players will be able to take advantage of new localized scavenging materials, crafting patterns that can be found in the wilderness, and an increased occurrence of rare materials in more dangerous regions of the game. New crafting bonuses have also been added to all material components. Material weights, in turn, have been revised and player carry capacity's improved to help promote long distance trading. The game will now also feature auto stacking to make things more convenient for the collectors in the game's audience.

According to Notorious Games these changes have been based in large part on requests from players. Whether or not the studio has more tweaks planned for the future is something we'll have to see, but based on the modifications made this past month, it looks like Notorious is determined to help Xsyon grow and change into the beast its players want it to be.

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