Neverwinter Hosts Summer Festival

| 30 Aug 2013 15:09
NW Boar

It's pig roast season in Neverwinter.

Neverwinter has been turning up the heat on its content this summer. Less than two weeks after their first major content update, Fury of the Feywild, the developers at Cryptic Studios have swiftly followed up with the latest addition to the content Neverwinter has to offer: the Summer Festival.

The Summer Festival is a classic MMO holiday, where players can complete activities and events to unlock exclusive cosmetic rewards. According to the news post on the Neverwinter website, players can aid in the following activites:

  • "Hungry Trolls" - Kill Trolls when the event begins and earn prizes by protecting the festival grounds.
  • "Collecting Flowers" - Find Fireblossom Flowers from bushes on the festival grounds or reclaim them from mischievous kobolds you defeat. Trade them into the Florist for rewards.
  • "Summer Feast" - If you think dungeon delves are tough, try herding animals on the festival grounds! Herd chickens, pigs, and gather precious corn for valuable points for the event. Also, keep an eye out for elusive creatures around the fields that will earn you extra points!

Rewards for completing the tasks include fashion items, fireworks, a Pig companion, rare 'Sunite' weapons, an Armored Boar mount, or even Bottomless Waterskins, which are sure to be the most popular reward if they're even half as awesome as they sound. Players will also have access to exclusive Summer Festival crafting patterns that will only be available during the holiday. Players who log in for consecutive days will earn a Tribute to Sune, which can be turned in for even better rewards.

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It's been over century since the Spellplague forever changed The Forgotten Realms. Now, explore the city that's been at the center of a thousand adventures: Neverwinter. Adapted from the real Dungeons and Dragon's ruleset, Neverwinter will feature action-oriented combat and storytelling unlike any other MMO. Take the world in your hands with the Foundry toolset and make your own tales. Make your mark in this legendary world.

The Summer Festival has already begun, and goes until September 18th, more than enough time for dedicated players to earn all the rewards they're looking to get. For a quick preview of the fun and relaxing content coming to Neverwinter, check out this hilarious video:

Source: Official Neverwinter Website

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