Champions Online Celebrating Four Year Anniversary

| 31 Aug 2013 10:44
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Champions Online is hosting a double XP weekend to celebrate its fourth anniversary.

Perfect World's superhero themed MMO Champions Online will be enjoying its four year anniversary tomorrow, September 1st. Not being ones to pass up an opportunity to celebrate, the game's developers have announced a slew of celebratory events that began on Thursday. The events already gone by included an in-game concert complete with a giant birthday cake, as well as the chance to find and earn special gifts including "glitzy" costume pieces, the Madbot AF and some Foxbat water balloons.

Champions Online
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There's evil a foot in Millennium City, and it's up to you to stop it! Create your own hero using the ridiculously customizable character creator and get to punching/zapping/shooting/melting/freezing bad guys. Featuring a huge storyline with regular live events, there's always story to follow. Don't just read comics, create your own continuity with Champions Online.

Thursday's events are only the beginning however. Champions Online is now also hosting a double XP weekend that will run until 10AM PDT on Monday, September 2nd. To take advantage of the Double XP weekend players are advised to "visit Witchcraft's spectral form, right outside the Powerhouse for an XP buff, then visit her whenever you need to refresh the buff." A Double Questionite weekend is also planned for players next weekend that will run from the morning of September 6th to the 10AM PDT on September 9th.

The anniversary celebrations will also include new perks for the game. The Gift That Keeps on Giving perk can be achieved by opening 150 anniversary gifts. The Party On perk, in turn, will be earned simply by logging onto the game before September 12th. Players can now also earn the Water Grenadier perk and the Destroid Destroyed perk. For the full breakdown of anniversary events visit the game's official site.

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