DC Universe Online Director Talks Sons of Trigon DLC - WarCry Interview

| 5 Sep 2013 21:00
DCUO DLC 8 Raven 300

Despite possible layoffs, DLC 8 deepens the DCUO experience.

DC Universe Online is an action MMO based in the DC Universe. It is populated with characters like The Flash, Superman, and Green Lantern and each player will fight side by side with these iconic characters to overcome the latest expansion pack's content.

Starting on September 3rd, players will be able to engage the Sons of Trigon expansion pack. Here, players will join The Teen Titans as they struggle with each other, and the embodiment of a variety of sins in order to stop Trigon, the combined malice of a tribe of peaceful humans on a different plane of existence.

I had a chance to ask Jens Anderson, Creative Director for DC Universe Online about the Sons of Trigon. Aside from being excited, he is super excited to watch players explore the wastelands of Gotham.

Warcry: DLC 8 engages some content in the DC Universe that has seen a variety of changes thanks to the New 52. What version of Trigon are we going to see in DLC 8?

Jens Andersen: DC Universe Online has always taken the approach of featuring the most popular pieces of the DC Comics characters and stories. Sons of Trigon continues that tradition. You'll see a mix of classic and New 52 versions of the characters. For example, new gear that you can earn in game that is inspired by Raven is based on her New 52 design. However, Raven herself is based on a pre-New 52 design. As for Trigon, he is a big bad mofo that fans of both continuities will enjoy. He's very impressive looking.

DC Universe Online

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