DC Universe Online Director Talks Sons of Trigon DLC - WarCry Interview

| 5 Sep 2013 21:00
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Warcry: Can you talk a little about the content you are most excited for players to try out?

Jens Andersen: My favorite aspect of the DLC is the open world Gotham Wasteland Bounties. I think players are going to enjoy taking on the Titans or the Fearsome Five as they try and take down the good and evil halves of Raven that roam the area. It's a lot of fun, especially in the PvP phase, to try and pull off that bounty.

Warcry: Everywhere you seem to go in the Gotham Wastelands, there seems to be eyes watching you. Are these eyes part of the environment or will they serve a purpose later in the DLC 8 content?

Jens Andersen: The eyes were added to make you feel like you were being watched, so you constantly felt like you had to look over your shoulder - it seems they served their purpose. But to answer your question, they are an ambient element and won't affect the gameplay.

Warcry: The Teen Titans in this DLC are being influenced by the wastelands and you are sent to head in and help them. Will this have a permanent impact on the continuity of the Teen Titans in DCUO in the future?

Jens Andersen: The Titans will undoubtedly be affected by the events in Sons of Trigon. We constantly build on the characters and stories in DC Universe Online, and we always take into account what kinds of events have already occurred.

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