Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box Living World Update Now Live

| 3 Sep 2013 16:18
GW2 Super Adventure Box

The Guild Wars 2 community is going to be getting back to its roots in the latest Living World update.

With its birthday celebrations now in the rear view mirror, Guild Wars 2 is now plowing ahead into its second year of success. Under confident leadership, the ArenaNet development team has just set into motion their latest Living World update, the Super Adventure Box: Back to School.

The Super Adventure Box update is thematically tied to retro-style gaming, with 8-bit characters and old-school events and challenges. Players who complete the challenges of the Super Adventure Box will be rewarded with retro-themed Super Weapon Skins, or materials towards the completion of the new "King Toad" or "Storm Wizard" weapons. Players who complete all of the challenges will be rewarded with a Mini Princess Miya, which they can add to their collection of Living World Minis.

The update will also include substantial changes to already existing Guild Wars 2 content. ArenaNet is updating crafting, raising the skill cap to 500, and giving a major facelift to the Magic Find stat, both of which are projected to make major changes in the game's economy. The Super Adventure Box also includes updates for legendary items, including aesthetic updates for many of the items.

The Super Adventure Box update is currently available in Guild Wars 2, and will run until September 30th.

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