Civilization Online "is designed to have an end, or a winner," Interview Reveals

| 3 Sep 2013 17:23
Civ Online

More Civ Online game details revealed in interview with 2P.

XL Games CEO Jake Song revealed more information last week about his upcoming sandbox MMO, Civilization Online, in an interview with 2P. Although the game's announcement last month stated that the game will have four civilizations, Song revealed the four civilizations to be China, Rome, Egypt and Aztec. Song went on to explain that each player starts with three unconquerable cities, and must work to expand from there.

Civilization Online

Civilization Online reimagines Sid Meier's classic turn-based strategy game as an MMORPG that allows players to engage with friends and enemies across time, and forge their own path through the history of civilization.

The main difference between Civ Online and previous Civ games is the persistent online sandbox gameplay. Players will also choose a profession to pursue, which will affect how a civilization looks and plays. Song explained that professions will play off one another and encourage players to work together. For example, if a player focuses on farming, he may be less able to defend against NPC barbarians attacking his city. However, a friend who has focused on soldiering may be able to come help...for some food of course.

Song also revealed that the game will encourage leaders to step forward and lead civilizations to victory. Yes, I said victory. Civilization Online is designed with winning in mind, eventually only one civilization will stand victorious. At that time, the game will restart and players will once again vie for the crown. Check out the full interview with 2P here. And if you need catching up, check out the announcement video below:

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