EverQuest Next Addresses Landmark Tools Ease of Use

| 4 Sep 2013 16:28
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Players apparently aren't afraid of complexity in their tool sets.

Sony Online Entertainment has been publishing poll questions each week asking fans about their thoughts on various topics. This week's roundtable question revolved around just how intricate the new Landmark tool set should be, and surprisingly, fans didn't seem to mind increased complexity. They want power.

A new video released by the dev team focuses on the response by fans, with lead building and UI designer Jake Sones discussing plans for the Landmark tools. "We really want to make sure that everyone has all the power that they need, and the complexity, as long as it's coming in a sensible way, is a good thing."

"We really want to make sure people can dive in right away and just doing things and getting their hands dirt," Sones said. "So what we want to do is make sure all the tools at the base level are really simple and easy to understand, and as we start layering them on top of each other, that's when the complexity comes in."

Sones said the team is heading in the direction of starting the tools off simple, and as a player gets used to them, they can unlock more levels of complexity through extended use. But in the end, user friendliness will be the key.

Check out the roundtable video below for the discussion.

Next week's discussion question on contested content is already posted. If you happened to miss the first roundtable video, the issue was whether female Dwarves should have beards. It was a rather lighthearted kickoff to the discussion format, ut one that produced quite a bit of feedback. Check out the video if for no other reason than to hear director of global community relations Linda Carlson speaking as a dwarf.

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