MechWarrior Online Adds Pre-Order Upgrade Tier

| 4 Sep 2013 19:37
MechWarrior Online Wolverine Mech

Anxious to climb into your mech and start knocking some metallic skulls? Then you may want to add to your pre-order.

MechWarrior Online gets out of beta an official into action on September 17, but developer Piranha Games is still adding goodies to its Project Phoenix pre-order program. If you already have paid for a package, just drop an additional $30 to upgrade your garage with two new mechs and four variants.

As part of the Saber Reinforcement tier, players can add the Wolverine and Griffon mechs. While the other packages will be delivered about a month after launch on October 15, these mechs won't be available until December 17.

In a press release, Piranha said that the number of players was increasing rapidly in preparation for the 1.0 launch, seeing a "10 percent growth," but unfortunately they didn't offer a actual number to compare that to. That said, the game has always been full of players and it has never been hard to jump into a full match, even on the new 12v12 maps.

The newest update, released today, includes a new tutorial feature for incoming players unfamiliar with the BattleTech universe. The feature will be expanded with more tutorials down the road.

A new hero mech was also unleashed today, the Protector. It has 14 tons of armor, with some extra interior space for making repairs. This mech will offer a 30 percent C-Bill boost, making it a powerful addition to any Lance. Get a look at it in action in the video below.

MechWarrior Online

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