NCsoft Korea Teases New Fourth Race for Aion

| 6 Sep 2013 14:15
Aion 4th race tease

It came from the Abyss ... at least that's what the translation says.

Aion just celebrated it's fourth anniversary, and is running events throughout September, but NCsoft Korea is teasing some potential gate-crashers to the celebration that could give the fantasy MMO a jolt.

A post on the official Korean site for the game hints at a fourth race with blood-red eyes, whose armies will march forth from the abyss. The image was dated for today, but no other details were given. Whatever it is, NCsoft has succeeded in starting tongues wagging about what this will mean for the game.

Of course, this event could bring a race of evil rabbits. The eyes on that bunny seem very similar to the poster, and although my knowledge of Korean is non-existent, the start date of this rabbit event seems to coincide with the poster. Evil rabbits have also made an appearance before in Aion, as some banned players can attest.

Currently, the game offers the Asmodians, Elyos and the Balaur, although the latter is not a player-race. These new devil-eyed creatures could be NPC antagonists, but a new player race for the anniversary celebration would be a nice little gift for the folks who have been with the game since it launched.

Right now, Aion is holding an Alchemists event, but the developers promise plenty more activities through the month of celebration. Maybe the culmination will be an invasion of Atreia?


Source: Massively

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