Emma Frost Joins Marvel Heroes' Cast of Playable Characters

| 6 Sep 2013 18:10
Marvel Heroes Emma Frost

The formerly villainous White Queen has joined Marvel Heroes in time for advanced difficulty modes, unique items, and a new starting quest.

Marvel Heroes launched with a fine selection of playable heroes, but many more still remain in Marvel's back catalog. Sure, Wolverine and Iron Man are great choices for starting players, but sooner or later, long-time Marvel readers want to take those lesser-known characters out for a spin. Thankfully, Gazillion Entertainment is offering such options through patches and game updates. After adding the Human Torch to Marvel Heroes last summer, Update 1.2 is bringing Emma Frost to the table, the former X-Men nemesis best known for her appearance in X-Men: First Class.

Emma Frost has a few unique traits to help her stand out from the "hit them till they fall down" powers of other characters. As an Omega level telepath, Emma specializes in mental-based ranged attacks, including the ability to permanently turn enemies into friendly minions. That's not to say Emma can't dish out physical damage as well; by activating Emma's diamond form, players immediately switch to tank-styled gameplay, dishing out and to dish out and absorb damage while your mind-controlled allies lend support.

Outside of Emma's addition to Marvel Heroes, the 1.2 update includes new difficulty modes, items, an updated defense system, and a new starting quest. The difficulty modes, Heroic and Superheroic, unlock respectively by unlocking levels 30 and 45, or by defeating Doctor Doom at the preceeding difficulty setting. The patch also features Relics and Unique Items, which can improve your stats or bestow new abilities. The defense system has been rebalanced to equally accommodate both ranged and melee characters, while the starting quests challenges players to halt an ongoing bank heist in Queens.

All the above features are now live, so whether you want to play as Emma Frost, or test out the latest quests, Marvel Heroes' 1.2 content is just a download away.

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Marvel Heroes is a FREE-TO-PLAY action-packed massively multiplayer online game created by David Brevik, the visionary behind Diablo and Diablo 2. Set in the iconic Marvel Universe, Marvel Heroes combines the core game-play style of Action RPGs and MMOs with the expansive library of heroes from the Marvel Universe. In the game, players can collect and play as their favorite Marvel Superheroes (including Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider Man, Captain America and many others). Team up with friends and try to stop Doctor Doom from devastating the world with the power of the Cosmic Cube in a story written by Marvel comic super-scribe Brian Michael Bendis.

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