Age of Conan Planning "The Great Hyborian Race" Event

| 6 Sep 2013 18:55
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Age of Conan fans are being challenged to enter The Great Hyborian Race, a leveling competition with a focus on PvP.

In an attempt to "recreate the feeling of rivalry" many players miss from the earlier days of Age of Conan, the game's developers at Funcom have announced a new event: The Great Hyborian Race. Basically aimed at getting subscribers to start killing the heck out of each other, the Race will ask players to create a fresh character on the new Blood and Glory ruleset server, which is presumably launching for this event.

Age of Conan: Unchained
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Enter the Hyborian Age and become a conqueror in Age of Conan. The unique combat system connects you with your character and lets you feel every brutal blow. Steeped in its pulp fiction roots, Age of Conan is a world of adventure filled with violence, betrayal, and raw sexuality. Its an MMO far removed for weaker fare!

Once players have fashioned their new fighter they'll be subject to a series of rules aimed at keeping the game competitive. Offline Levels will be off limits for players participating in The Great Hyborian Race. Likewise, there will be limits placed on the use of XP potions and instances to keep characters from leveling up at what could be perceived as an unfair rate. Experience, in turn, will be earned through pure PvE and PvP combat, with an emphasis on the latter of the two.

The race will award the first players to reach level 80 in each class with special prizes. Players who attain a threshold of PvP experience within the time frame of the race will also be privy to some nifty rewards. Participants are encouraged to approach the Race however they feel most comfortable, whether it be with a guild or on their own. That said, the developers would remind them that, in this case, "anyone and everyone is your enemy." The Great Hyborian Race is slated to begin sometime after a planned a server merge that should take place in the near future.

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