RuneScape 3 Reports Succesful First Month Following Launch

| 6 Sep 2013 19:53
Runescape 3

More than 300,000 new players have joined RuneScape 3 following the game's July launch.

RuneScape 3 launched just over a month ago on July 22nd, expanding on older iterations of the long running MMORPG with new content and a drive toward player input. The obvious hope of the launch was to reinvigorate the game's user base and draw in new players. In terms of those goals it might be safe to say that it's been a success.

RuneScape 3
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RuneScape 3 is an instantly accessible F2P MMORPG set in a welcoming world of medieval fantasy. It is an empowering game full of opportunities for advancement and meaningful choices, where players are at liberty to build their wealth, master skills, rally friends and seek adventure as they please. In 2013 RuneScape is "made by you" more than ever before, with player choices driving an on-going story and shaping very fabric of the Gielinor

The game's developers at Jagex have revealed that RuneScape 3 has seen an influx of new players this past month. More than 300,000 new subscribers have joined the game while over 100,000 former players have returned to re-activate their accounts. This growth, in turn, has led to an average of 600,000 hours of collected gameplay taking place each day.

At the center of this activity is the ongoing Battle of Lumbridge, a two-month long event that began with the game's launch and continues on guided largely by players themselves. "With the Battle of Lumbridge we were looking to give the players a new way to interact with RuneScape and place their mark on the world," said Phil Mansell, executive producer for RuneScape. "We've seen over a 150 million votes cast on how the battle campaign should be fought, with players making decision on everything from what kind of reinforcements they get to how they can support their chosen god with buffs and new units."

While it can be hard to tell from just a month, it would seem that Jagex has definitely struck a cord with its user base and MMORPG fans in general. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard would agree. "The positive reaction from the community, since its launch, shows how aligned they are with the community spirit and sentiment," he said. "This is the first step in allowing players to truly create their own adventure within the game and we're really excited about seeing how the game evolves through their participation."

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