League of Legends Sneak Peek at New Champion Ao Shin

| 9 Sep 2013 14:49
Ao Shin Sneak Peek 1

League of Legends got Janna and Shyvana to have a baby.

The League of Legends roster has been an amazing thing to behold over the years of its growth. Starting with a measly handful of 20-something champions, Riot has upped the head count to well over a hundred, a boasting point for any MOBA. Riot has recently been teasing new additions to their roster, showing off a half-glimpse at the next champion during PAX Prime. More recently, following a leaked appearance on a Chinese qualifiers stream, Riot Games decided to publish an official sneak peek for Ao Shin, a new dragon champion that will be coming to League of Legends in the coming months.

Ao Shin is a large eastern-style dragon hailing from Ionia. He is a dragon of storms and good fortune, who rules water and weather. No remarks were made about the role or kinds of abilities that Ao Shin will have. Sixtwo, the Rioter who posted the sneak peek, had the following to say:

"The community's been asking for a dragon champion for some time, but we knew we couldn't just do any dragon. With each new champ, we try and push the limits of what's technically and creatively possible. Ao Shin is no different. One of the challenges we're looking forward to tackling is how to capture his unique anatomy and movement in a way that brings a new dimension to the champion pool. It's too early to go into much detail, but we're really excited about the ways this champion will move across the battlefield."

Ao Shin won't be the next champion coming to League of Legends, but it's always awesome to see what content is coming down the pipeline. Champion previews have had a significant history in League of Legends, and the community has occasionally had to wait a long time to get a champion that's been showed off. As with all pre-released content, many things are still subject to change, but League of Legends fans can look forward to Ao Shin joining the ranks soon. Of course, then everyone will complain about how OP he is.

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Source: League of Legends Forums via Surrender@20

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