Infinite Crisis Unveils Arcane Green Lantern

| 9 Sep 2013 15:48
Arcane Green Lantern

Infinite Crisis debuts a champion that will make other MOBAs green with envy.

Turbine's DC MOBA, Infinite Crisis has been making major strides over the last few months and making a name for itself within the online gaming community. In addition to making waves in eSports, Infinite Crisis has been adding new champions to their roster at a stunning pace, adding approximately a champion per month. The latest addition to the Infinite Crisis lineup is a new take on Green Lantern, the support-enforcer Arcane Green Lantern.

Arcane Green Lantern is a tank-support whose vision control, crowd-control, and mobility help him to initiate and dominate team fights. Arcane Green Lantern's kit focuses on control of his Lantern, which is the locus for many of his abilities. By intelligently casting his lantern, Arcane Green Lantern can deal damage, buff his allies, gain vision of hidden areas, extend the range of his Shackles ability, or any combination of the above.

Though there's no current release date for Arcane Green Lantern, he will likely be released for beta testing within the next week or so. For a full explanation of Arcane Green Lantern's abilities, check out the trailer below. If you're still looking for more, check out this behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Infinite Crisis.

Infinite Crisis

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