So You Want to be a League of Legends Shoutcaster

| 9 Sep 2013 19:35
Elise Season 3

Are you a dedicated League of Legends player? Can you yell louder than anyone else around? Riot Games might have just the job for you!

Riot Games' presence in eSports has been one of the most influential changes to ever happen within the competitive digital frontier. With Season 3 wrapping up, League of Legends is headed towards the LCS World Championship, which will be featuring a $2 million prize. Although Riot doesn't personally hire the professional teams that take part in the tournament, they do hire the shoutcasters and other staff that manage the event, and they're looking for new blood. Riot recently announced that they would be hosting an AMA on Reddit to discuss what it's like to be a professional shoutcaster, and to fish for potential hired directly out of the community.

The Reddit AMA is going on from 1-3PM PST, and is being hosted by Jatt, Rivington, Kobe, Phreak, Deman, Quickshot and Joe Miller, all of whom will be sharing their thoughts, opinions, and insights on what shoutcasting is like, and what it takes to be a top grade shoutcaster. The team will also be discussing the details of the new shoutcasting position that Riot opened late last month.

The questions and answers will stay locked in the thread on Reddit, so if you don't have time to ask questions yourself, you can at least check out the answers left by the Riot team from others. With such a bold initiative towards the community, Riot has taken clear steps to bridge the gap between players and professionals within League of Legends. With numerous other AMA sessions with developers, community leaders, and upper management, Riot clearly cares about what the community thinks, and is willing to engage with their fans directly. Perhaps this integration with the community will be the first step towards Riot Games' legacy in the greater gaming community. As always, time will tell.

Check out the AMA for yourself here, or check out the sneak peek for the recently previewed League of Legends champion, Ao Shin.

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