League of Legends Releases Community Activity Infographic

| 10 Sep 2013 17:07
Lee Sin

Somehow, through all of the screaming and whining, Riot Games has managed to pull a few good ideas out of the League of Legends community.

Over the past few weeks Riot Games has been getting intimate with the League of Legends community. In addition to releasing two champion previews, making several quality of life changes, and hosting a Reddit AMA on shoutcasting, Riot released an infographic displaying some of the ways that the League of Legends community has impacted the game itself.

The infographic includes facts such as the most active forum users on the Riot staff (#1 is Zileas, VP of Game Design at 6,705 posts), and the number of social media followers that League of Legends currently has (25,000,000). They also note that "League of Legends has the most active non-default subreddit that hasn't /gonewild." Being the second most popular subject only to twenty year olds getting naked on camera is definitely not a position to be ashamed of.

The infographic also delves deeper into how the community has directly impacted the champions and skins in League of Legends. For example, embedded links direct readers to the Blind Monk Alliance that rallied to bring Lee Sin into the game (something I am very grateful for), and how a fan artist inspired the new look for Lux. These stories are at the heart of Riot's message to the community - that players actively made a difference in the design, release, and implementation of champions.

The community also helped inspire game features, such as Colorblind Mode, Smart Pinging, and Death Indicators. The suggestions of the community also helped to make spectating more accessible.

Riot is clearly putting their best foot forward with the community, though to what end is still unclear. Most likely, they're simply trying to do the best that they can with improving and sustaining the League of Legends and eSports communities. Or maybe they're hiding something. Regardless, you can check out the interactive infographic as a pdf or on the League of Legends website.

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