World of Tanks Update 8.8 Live September 12

| 10 Sep 2013 17:17
WoT 8.8

WoT game update 8.8 rolls out over the next two weeks all over the globe.

Announced back in August, World of Tanks game update 8.8 finally has a release date. The newest update will be available in Europe tomorrow, September 11, North America on September 12, and Korea September 16. The update introduces a new winter-themed battle arena and a new branch of Soviet medium tanks.

The Soviet line isn't the only country getting sweet new tanks, however. The German tech tree will receive a medium and heavy tank, and the Chinese will receive two new premium tanks.

While you wait for the update to drop, make sure to check out the Update 8.8 launch trailer below. Seriously, there's a part where two tanks battle it out on a bridge.

World of Tanks

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