League of Legends Finally Gets Around to That Pool Party

| 11 Sep 2013 15:14
Pool Party Poster

It may be late in the season, but these skins are as fresh as a soft summer breeze.

Though summer is definitely over for many, Ziggs in League of Legends apparently missed the memo. After promoting the skin pack for several weeks and even starting some shifty business involving the next new champion, Riot Games has released the Pool Party skins, complete with Login Screen theme and a Bundle Pack.

The Pool Party team is composed of Graves, Lee Sin, Leona, Renekton, and, of course, Ziggs. Lee Sin, Leona, Graves, and Renekton's skins are all currently available for 975RP (~$10), but the Pool Party Graves skin with be raised to 1350RP after two weeks, because people will pay for it regardless. Pool Party Ziggs will remain for sale for 1350RP.

Riot is also offering the Pool Party Skin Bundle, which includes all of the new champion skins, and is available for 4200RP (~$30). Players who need the champions as well as the skins can purchase the larger bundle that includes all five champions plus skins for 7413RP (~$50). Taking things a step further, Riot has offered to reduce the price of the bundles accordingly for any champions or skins already owned, meaning if you own Renekton and Leona already, buying the Champion and Skin pack would be about 1800RP less.

Players who want to soak up the final rays of summer should definitely check out these Pool Party skins, as they offer a huge bang for the buck within the world of LoL skins. Each of the skins offers custom particles and a beach-themed recall animation. Skins with this level of detail are uncharacteristic of Riot's current model, and go above what the community could typically expect from a 975RP priced skin.

Though it's still unclear whether or not these skins will stay in the League of Legends store for long, the bundle will only be available for the next two weeks. If you want to take a closer look at the skins' splash art and particles, check out the gallery above. Although I personally had hoped to escape from this sale unscathed, how was I supposed to resist surf board Leona? Damn you, Riot...damn you.

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