Elder Scrolls Online AMA Delves into PvP in Cyrodiil

| 11 Sep 2013 19:19
Elder Scrolls Online Screen

Shadowscales, the Dwemer, and achievements are also discussed.

The dev team at Zenimax Online likes to keep in touch with The Elder Scrolls Online fans as much as possible. They have been holding regular "Ask Us Anything" sessions, and the latest one delves into a bit of detail on PvP in the MMO version of Tamriel.

The Alliance Wars between Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion will end up in free-for-all over keeps up for grabs. According to the developers, players will eliminate the defenders if they can first, then the attackers will fight each other for who takes over the keep. Of course, if there is a server faction imbalance, the team is putting checks in place to make sure that there are population caps to ensure onside doesn't outnumber the others.

When assaulting a keep, players on the same team will need to hold two checkpoints at the same time to capture the keep. Resources are captured separately, while a damaged keep can be repaired rather quickly through masonry and woodworking kit purchases.

There will also be checks to make sure a dethroned Emperor can't circumvent his actual replacement. Logging out, dying or leaving Cyrodiil ensures that the Emperorship passes to the proper player.

There are also questions on the Dwemer, Shadowscales, Magelight for detecting stealth, and titles and achievements so be sure to check out the full AMA on the official site.

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