Guild Wars 2 Plans Balance, Skill Update for October 15

| 16 Sep 2013 17:03

The tweaking continues ...

Guild Wars 2 Queen Jennah

With every update in Guild Wars 2, players see changes to class balance and game modifications that the ArenaNet team think will make play time easier. The next update, coming on October 15, is no different, this time with a variety of fixes and improvements.

Among the bigger changes:

  • Tool tips for Traits: These new tips will be the same as they are for skills, with skill tips being added as they relate to traits. The dev team is also adding color coding to make it easier for building characters.
  • Tab targeting: Use the tab key will now target Champions/Legendaries first, then Players/Clones, then everything else. Deselecting resets it. The functioning has changed slightly so now anything the player can see can be targeted, and it is no longer dependent on camera angle.
  • Damage grouping: All damage of the same type are now grouped into a category with the same icon, making it easier to see in floater text.

Other changes include pet hit points in PvE and PvP, fast cast ground targeting and launch now being stun breakable.

The dev team has made it clear that not all may make it into the upcoming update, but the "high-level" overview at least gives players a heads up on what they can expect in the coming months.

These changes are independent of the Tequatl Rising content, which is coming tomorrow and will have its own set of changes.

Source: Official site

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