Darkfall: Unholy War Offers Look at Duelist Class in New Video

| 16 Sep 2013 18:47
Darkfall Screen

Darkfall: Unholy Wars' Duelist class will feature a variety of skills to help maximize its melee effectiveness.

Darkfall: Unholy Wars, Adventurine SA's fantasy MMORPG, has unveiled the latest addition to its repertoire of character classes. The Duelist, revealed alongside a corresponding video demonstrating the class's abilities and specializations, will be a new melee fighter to whom "battle and victory are the only matters worthy of attention."

Players who invest time and effort into the new class will find the Duelist well suited to the mastery of a variety of melee weapons and equipped with a bevy of skills to exploit them. For instance, the Duelist will be able to take advantage of attacks like Lunge, which will allow the melee only fighter to quickly close a long distance and hit their target with an attack. Duelists will also have access to Pummel, a kersmack-to-the-face move that will inflict temporary status affects on an opponent along with Uncanny Focus, which will reset cooldowns while providing a variety of stat boosts to help keep them fighting in grave moments.

Personally, as someone who tends to favor melee classes in most every game I play, the Duelist sounds like something that would be right up my own alley. In the least, it will be a welcome addition to Darkfall's class lineup.

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DarkFall: Unholy Wars

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