EverQuest Next Producer Video Details Lore, Landmark Discussions

| 17 Sep 2013 15:29
Everquest Next 08

What's coming next month as discussion topics for the upcoming game?

Sony Online Entertainment's ambitious EverQuest Next has been raising eyebrows and building anticipation with its Landmark terrain tools, parkour-style movement and other additions to the land of Norrath. Part of the marketing campaign has been a series on weekly answer sessions where the developers pose a topic to fans and let them ask questions or give feedback.

Senior Producer Terry Michaels has gone before the camera to tell fans that the dev team will be revealing more on Landmark, which is essentially an MMO in its own right. Globetrotting -- how the world is created -- and how players can claim various plots to be terraformed will be one discussion, while the second topic will be about finding crafting resources and building materials to improve the land.

Michaels also said that the team will be releasing more on the lore for the game, giving some of the early history that took place before the time of EverQuest Next. The story will focus on a new zone, told from the perspective of a Dwarven thief.

We attended PAX last month and got a fairly in-depth look at EverQuest Next and Landmark. It is looking really good, and has the potential to give the 800-pound gorilla in the room (yeah, World of Warcraft) a run for its money. EQ was one of the original MMOs, so it will be interesting to see what the next chapter in the game's evolution will bring.

Check out Michaels' video below:

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