Firefall Developer Red 5 Lays off 10% of Staff

| 17 Sep 2013 16:54
Firefall screen

A 'reorganization' by Red 5 Studios has left 10% of their staff on the cutting room floor.

An unfortunate turn of events for fans of the new MMOFPS Firefall, developer Red 5 Studios recently announced major layoffs resulting from a 'reorganization' effort.

Red 5 Studios Prepares Company for New Operational Structure
Laguna Hills, Calif. - September 16, 2013 - Red 5 Studios™ announced today that the studio is being reorganized prior to the launch of Firefall.

"As Firefall matures, we must transition our priorities and our development strategy to focus on streamlined operations and live product support," said Mark Kern, CEO and founder of Red 5 Studios.

As part of the reorganization, Red 5 Studios confirms that it has released about 10 percent of its staff, the majority from Red 5's video internet entertainment channel, Stage 5 TV. Development of Firefall is unaffected by the reorganization and Open Beta Stage 2 is well underway with a major patch scheduled for later this month.

These layoffs following an announcement about the failure of Firefall's PvP bode ill for the fate of the open-beta game. Red 5 initially planned for Firefall to be a competitive eSports game. After realizing it was an utter failure, the developers have been doing some serious revaluation of how to turn the current version of Firefall into something that they can put into the market to compete with other major titles.

For a glimpse of insight into Mark Kern's mind on Firefall, check back to an interview he did with WarCry back in July.


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