Defiance Dev Prepping Fine Tuning Measures to Improve Game

| 17 Sep 2013 17:45

Trion Worlds is prepping modifications to Defiance's weapons, shields, user interface and social tools.

Since Defiance's launch earlier this year, its developers at Redwood Studios have been taking gradual steps to improve on the game and mend some of the issues that have marred its experience. Now, Trick Dempsey, creative lead for the game, has revealed a bevy of changes the studio is preparing to develop and implement in the near future.

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A companion to the SyFy television series of the same name, Defiance tales place in the year 2046. Earth is changed. Alien races, having arrived on Earth, decide to try and make it their own. The ensuing war ravaged the planet, leaving mankind struggling to survive in a world now foreign to them. You play as an Ark Hunter, venturing out into the hostile terrain this new Earth to fight and salvage alien technology.

On the purely mechanical level, Defiance players can expect some considerable adjustments to the game's weapons and shields. "We're tuning our weapons so that each one is a viable and attractive choice," explained Dempsey. Likewise, the development team will be "addressing our shields so that each of them has a valid tactical advantage." Weapons adjustments will include changes made to high rarity weapons to make them more impressive so they're "never disappointment[s]."

Coupled with the improvements to equipment, the developers also have plans some considerable changes to its inventory interface. "Our current interface has a large number of loadouts and limited inventory space that makes it difficult to make decisions quickly and leap right back into the game," said Dempsey. "We're making incremental improvements to this interface as we improve the significance of gear resulting in a much smoother process." These will be accompanied by general UI changes aimed at making objectives clearer and drawing players together for more natural cooperative and competitive play.

These modifications will also be bolstered by improvements to the game's communications tools. "Frankly, chat (both voice and text) operate with less-than-stellar reliability," said Dempsey. "We're also updating a variety of systems to create a far better social experience throughout the game." All of these changes will lead up to the release of Defiance's second DLC release, announced at PAX, which should bring new bosses, arkfalls and and power-ups to the game.

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