League of Legends Introduces Championship Thresh

| 18 Sep 2013 15:11
Championship Thresh

The League of Legends hookmaster gets a shiny sapphire skin.

In celebration of Season 3, Riot Games recently announced the latest addition to the League of Legends skin pool, Championship Thresh. Similar to the Championship Riven skin that was released approximately a year ago, Championship Thresh will be temporarily available in the League of Legends store following the conclusion of the Season 3 championship.

The news release on the League of Legends website reads:


After a Season 3 filled with everything from spectacular comebacks to dominant victories, the World Championship has begun. To celebrate the epic battles waged over the course of the season, we've equipped Championship Thresh with ornate battle armor, new spell effects and a recall animation to inspire your victory. Featuring deep sapphire hues, a haunting new lantern and his trademark chains, get a Thresh start for next season with this new Championship skin!

Championship Thresh features a completely recreated Thresh model, new spell effects, and a custom recall animation. Though no official date or price have been released for Championship Thresh, last year's Riven skin went on sale for 975RP (~$10) several days after the World Championship ended. Players can expect to see her in the shop near the beginning of October.

Riot has been adding quite a few new skins to League of Legends this season, including the new legendary skins, Pool Party bundle, new ward skins, and the Victory Elise skin, which will be given to players who rank Gold or higher by the end of Season 3.

Source:League of Legends Website

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