Rift Updated to Version 2.4 With New Beyond Infinity Content

| 19 Sep 2013 17:50
Rift Screen

The Beyond Infinity update has brought new content and a slew of improvements to the Rift experience.

Rift players found themselves the happy recipients of a big content update yesterday. Rift 2.4: Beyond Infinity was released and brought with it a bevy of improvements, bug fixes and content to help keep players hooked on the Rift experience.

In the content department Beyond Infinity adds in a new raid scenario, Infinity Gate. It also brings with it the fresh Realm of Twisted Dreams dungeon as well as the Infernal Dawn chronicle. The version 2.4 will also add in Prestige Rank 90 PvP equipment and new Instant Adventure options to give players more PvE content to keep busy with. Users looking for more aesthetic options to customize their characters will also be pleased to find a bevy of new hairstyles and colors at their disposal.

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The Beyond Infinity update will also package in a variety of improvements to make the overall game a better experience. Players going forward will find new tutorial quests to help better acquaint them with things like Instant Adventures, the Soul Tree and Dimensions. Players will also have access to a new Help Tip Encyclopedia indicated by a question icon underneath the player menu.

The new version will also make a variety of smaller changes to help clean up bugs, adjust class attributes and otherwise make small nudges to improve the overall experience. Players interested in the full list of changes can find them at the Rift website. Meanwhile, if you're interested it trying out the new content, you'll find the 2.4 Beyond Infinity update already available for download.

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