Wildstar Dev Shows Off Housing Contest Winners

| 20 Sep 2013 15:38
wildstar housing 6

Contest winners built Wildstar houses featuring thrones rooms, bars, barbecues and more.

One of the finer features of the upcoming MMORPG Wildstar has been its customizable housing that give players the freedom to personalize almost every aspect of their humble abode that wish. With the housing system recently implemented and working fairly well, the game's developers at Carbine Studios asked its beta participants to take it for a spin with a contest designed to test the boundaries of what it can do.

Now, Carbine has revealed the contest's various winners, an assortment of entries that show off both the player's creativity and the impressive customizability of the housing system itself. Winning entries range from the "Jump Scare Award," which showcases a giant monster you can apparently leave in your home, to houses built with throne rooms, bathrooms and a floor where the ceiling should be. All in all, it looks like participants had a lot of fun experimenting with the game's tools. The contest winners will be awarded a special Housing Trophy they can display in their future homes.

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