Rise of Mythos 1.3 Preview Video Asks 'What Does the Squirrel Say?'

| 20 Sep 2013 20:08
Rise of Mythos video

Music video parody highlights update for GameFuse's browser-based card game.

Rise of Mythos is preparing for its 1.3 update and to promote the patch, publisher GameFuse has taken to parody. A new video for the fantasy card game spoofs Ylvis' The Fox.

Entitled What Does the Squirrel Say?, the video doesn't tell you too much about the update, but it does offer an brief, albeit entertaining, overview of the game. It then teases to the 1.3 update, promising to answer the video's main question.

If you are into guys with Elven good looks (and mouthing lyrics badly), mages with phony beards and a guy in a furry squirrel costume, then give the video a look. It should be worth a few laughs.

Rise of Mythos

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