World of Warcraft Movie May Have Colin Farrell in Lead Role

| 23 Sep 2013 15:13
World of Warcraft Colin Farrell

Actor's acceptance of the role about "50/50."

We've been following the development of the World of Warcraft movie with some interest. Now that Duncan Jones is entrenched as the director, the next big questions are who will be the stars in the leading roles, and what will the story line be. The first part could be answered soon, according to a new report.

Colin Farrell apparently has been offered the lead role, with Paula Patton offered the female lead. Keep in mind that we know nothing about what key figure in Azerothian history these "leads" will be, so Farrell could just as easily be be King Varian Wrynn, or some no-name hero out to thwart the Horde -- or Alliance for that matter. Patton could be Jaina Proudmoore, or some female no-name "player" character with a lot of lines.

Sources are saying that Farrell's involvement in the Legendary Pictures project is 50-50 at the moment, and director Jones is still looking at other people for leading roles. The screenplay is supposedly complete, written by Charles Leavitt, who also did K-PAX and Blood Diamond. The movie is supposed to start production some time in January.

Video gamers may remember Farrell as the maniacal killer Bullseye in the mediocre Daredevil movie opposite Ben Affleck. He also starred as the Arnold Schwarzenegger character in the Total Recall remake. Patton doesn't have any "geek" movies to her credit, but she will be returning to the next Mission Impossible movie as Jane Carter, reprising the role from Ghost Protocol.

I'm not sure how I feel about the casting choices, but then many of the stars from the Lord of the Rings trilogy weren't top names until after the films. Let's just hope this movie has more staying power than an Uwe Boll film.


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