Eldevin Unleashing Patch to Fix Bugs and Add New Content

| 24 Sep 2013 10:12

Eldevin is launching a new patch that will add new content and fix a laundry list of bugs and problems.

Eldevin fans will have a lot to look forward to the next time they log into the game's ongoing beta. Striving to improve the game, its developers have announced a substantial patch that will clear out a smorgasbord of issues described in by players in the game's bug forums while also making some "big changes" to the game overall.

Key among these alterations are five new level-based areas, a new group dungeon and new world boss areas. The patch will also add in new gear sets, arena challenges and collection of quest books that will, in total, add close to 90 new quests to the game. Players will also be privy to new features like account money accessible from the Eldevin Bank, rested experience that will players can use to continue leveling even when they're not playing and a level cap that's been pushed up to 40.

These additions are joined by a variety of smaller tweaks intended to gradually improve Eldevin and make it a more enjoyable experience. Add in a bevy of bug fixes, class adjustments and overall maintenance and you have yourself a patch that doesn't fundamentally change the game, but takes a big step toward unlocking its full potential.

Players interested in checking out the full list of changes will find them available in the Eldevin forum. If you're interested in playing Eldevin meanwhile, head over to the game's official website to learn more about its ongoing beta efforts.

Source: Eldevin


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