Star Citizen Stamps Out Hangar Module Bugs With New Patch

| 24 Sep 2013 11:54
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Cloud Imperium, the developer behind Star Citizen, has released a new patch to address problems that emerged following the release of its Hangar Module content.

"Today's update contains over one hundred changes based on the feedback we've been receiving from backers experimenting with the module," the developer said in an announcement. "Everything from flickering decals to missing cargo pallets to crash bugs to incorrect ship loadouts to making sure pilots can't sit down outside their spacecraft has been addressed." The patch will also apparently slow down player's avatars so they "[aren't] in a hurry to get everywhere."

Players interested in the complete extent of the modifications will be given access to patch notes when the Hangar Module launcher downloads the update. Considering that players themselves were responsible for the bug reports however, there's a good chance that many will already be familiar with the problems being fixed.

The Hangar Module was an exclusive reward for backers who contributed $30 or more to Star Citizen's crowdfunding efforts. It was designed to give the game's most dedicated fans an opportunity to peruse an environment where they'd be able to preview their ships and get a feel for the game. This patch, in turn, could be seen as a first step on Cloud Imperium's part make good on promises to optimize and expand on the module.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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