Guild Wars 2 Details Twilight Assault Update, Free Trial Period

| 26 Sep 2013 14:47
Guild Wars 2 Twilight Assault

Join sylvari hero Caithe to find out what's going on in Twilight Arbor.

Guild Wars 2 is fresh of the Tequatl update (and subsequent kill), and already developer ArenaNet is prepping for it next content addition. Apparently, a Twilight Assault is coming on October 1.

Scarlet Briar is continuing to cause problems for the realm, and it's up to all the level 80s to infiltrate the Twilight Arbor to find out what's going on. Bring your puzzle-solving skills, because developer ArenaNet is promising plenty of traps for players who just want to power through the stronghold.

What do you get for besting the foes of the Arbor? Apparently, a miniature version of one of the bosses as a pet, as well as a nice spiffy achievement. New versions of the Nightmare weapons will also be available. And lastly, hunt the Maguuma Jungle for key fragments the that you can combine to make real keys to unlock special Aether chests in the Arbor that will be full of goodies.

In addition to the upcoming content, ArenaNet wants to give new players a taste of the world of Tyria with a free trial beginning on September 27. The game will be free for seven days to players in North America and Europe, and begins at 12:01 a.m. Friday through 11:59 p.m. Thursday, October 3. If players like the experience, they can grab a copy of Guild Wars 2 for a special sale price of $39.99. The sale will continue through the weekend, ending on October 6.

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