Forge of Empires Receives New Barbaric Content

| 25 Sep 2013 15:58
forge of empires

Forge of Empires has added a new barbarian-centric quest line which includes new units and special rewards

Innogames, the developer behind the city building game Forge of Empires, has announced the release of an updated edition of the game, version 1.1. The contents of the 1.1 update will do the double duty of advancing the game's release on iPad while also adding new quests to expand on the game's current offerings.

Forge of Empires

Take control of your own city in Forge of Empires and guide it through the ages to become a teeming metropolis.

The quest line, which will be unlocked after players free the "mysterious 'Dunkelwald' region," will feature 23 unique sectors and center in on a conflict with a group of barbarians led by the warlord Bogdan the Beast. Over the course of this quest series players will come up against previously unseen fighting units, including the new Berserker class. Successfully defeating Bogdan and his barbarian hordes will net players some special (but sadly not detailed) rewards.

As previously mentioned, the 1.1 update is also a step toward the game's launch on iOS. As of yet, no official release date for the iPad version has been announced. That said, the developers assure fans that it should be arriving in the "coming weeks" with an iPhone version following. An Android version is likewise in the works with a 2014 release planned.

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